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Thank you for choosing DJ Si Knight for your next event! In order to secure your booking, please take a moment to complete the booking form provided below. By filling out this form, you will also have the opportunity to review our booking terms and conditions. We ask that you carefully read through the terms to ensure a smooth and successful event.

In the booking form, please provide your contact information, event details, preferred music genres, and any special requests or additional information that may be pertinent to your event. Once you have completed the form, click submit and our team will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your booking. Thank you again for choosing DJ Si Knight - we look forward to bringing the beats to your next adult party!


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Booking Terms and Conditions

In these terms and conditions you are hereinafter referred to as the CLIENT, and DJ Si Knight, is hereinafter called the DISCOTHEQUE.

1. This agreement is made between the Client and the Discotheque and will be binding upon both parties once accepted by the Client.

2. The Client engages the Discotheque, and the discotheque accepts the engagement to appear at the venue on the date and at the times and for the fee as shown herein.

3. If specified at booking, a non-refundable booking reservation fee (“the deposit”) must be submitted to the Discotheque.

4. The balance of the booking fee (being the total fee less the amount of any deposit paid) must be paid either:-
4a. In cash on the night
4b. or before the function by BACS (Banking details will be supplied)

5. The total fee quoted is in respect of a performance during the times specified in the booking. If the Client requests that the performance time be extended, then the additional period and fee must be negotiated with the Disc Jockey (hereafter referred to as the DJ) provided by the Discotheque, and paid in the manner described above.

6. In the event of cancellation of the engagement by the Client, a cancellation fee will be made on the following basis:
6a. Cancellation advised in writing, received more than one calendar month before the event date – loss of deposit or (in the event of no deposit having been paid) 25% of the booking fee.
6b. Cancellation advised within one calendar month of the event date will lead to the full fee becoming payable immediately.

7. When a booking has been formally cancelled, and that cancellation has been accepted by both parties, the Client forfeits any rights to use the services of the Discotheque on that date, irrespective of any deposits or cancellation fees paid.

8. The Client must ensure that the DJ has access to two 13 amp 240 volt sockets. The working position must not obstruct any emergency exit route, and must allow enough space for the DJ to operate in safety and comfort.

9. Where the equipment has been set up earlier in the day at the request of the Client and left unattended until the time of the DJs performance, no right for the Client, the Client’s guests, or any other person to use the equipment is conferred or inferred and the Client undertakes to ensure that no-one uses or interferes with the equipment in any way and accepts all responsibility.

10. The Discotheque will supply sufficient music to suit the occasion; adequate equipment for playing and amplifying recorded music; lighting and other effects to suit the occasion and venue; a DJ and where necessary an assistant.

11. The Client is responsible for the behaviour of their clients or guests, and for safeguarding the DJ and equipment against theft, damage or other risks, from the moment of arrival to the moment of final departure. Please note: any loss of or damage to equipment, other than that caused by fair wear and tear, will be charged for.

11a. We will not tolerate violent, aggressive or abusive behaviour from anyone under any circumstances. We also reserve the right to terminate our services at any time that we feel our personal safety is under threat. We do not take responsibility for ejecting any unwanted persons from any venue.

11b. You will be advised of any problems that we may have in this respect with any of your guests.

12. The Discotheque cannot be held responsible for the way some people may be affected by any lighting, sound or haze effect that may be used. The Client must advise the DJ prior to the start of the performance if any effect should be avoided.

13. The DJ provided will generally be an employee of the Discotheque, or a self-employed DJ working exclusively for the Discotheque. The Discotheque reserves the right however to assign the engagement to a suitably experienced and qualified associate.

14. The DJ shall be deemed to be under the direction and control of the Client, and shall be regarded as a servant or agent of the Client, and the Client shall be responsible for any claims arising from placement or operation of the equipment other than those resulting from the negligence of the DJ.

15. The Client will be responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and permissions relating to the performance at the event.

16. The DJ will need reasonable access to the venue to unload and load equipment.  We need a minimum of one hour to enter a venue and set up prior to the start time and also a similar time at the end of the night to pack away..

17. The Discotheque operates regularly serviced and maintained good quality sound and lighting equipment. In the rare event of any equipment failure, an onsite repair will be attempted. If however there is an irreparable breakdown in sound a pro rata refund will be given for the time remaining, but this will be the limit of our liability to you.

18. The Discotheque shall be entitled to terminate this contract without liability if for any reason beyond its control the DJ is unable to perform, due to fire or theft of equipment, illness or breakdown of vehicle. The Discotheque will use all reasonable endeavours to locate a replacement DJ, but, in the unlikely event of a non-performance all monies paid will be refunded, but this will be the limit of our liability to you.

19. In addition to the above, the following Terms and Conditions will be incorporated into the Terms and Conditions for Children’s Parties:-
19a. The Client will provide sufficient adult supervision of the Children attending the Event.
19b. The supervising adults will provide the DJ with assistance in the organisation of the children during any games played at the Event.
19c. The supervising adults will ensure that the Children do not interfere with the disco equipment or prevent the DJ from performing his duties of playing music and organising games (if required)

20. During your event there is a likelihood of photographs and or video being taken for publicity purposes. If you do not wish to have photos published on the website or social media sites, then please advise the Discotheque beforehand.

21. Any breach of these conditions may result in the DJ either refusing to perform or ceasing performance before the allotted time without recompense to the Client.